Who Are You?


“I know I can’t ask you to save her, so I wont do that. But please let her go in peace, let her go with every wish fulfilled, rested in full serenity.”


Kate put down the expensive glassware she had been dusting. Her head was pounding she felt dizzy and nauseous; vertigo at its finest. It’s hard when she can’t predict the voices coming. Sometimes she gets lucky and a slight aura will appear before hand, allowing her to prepare for the voices she’s about to hear. But other times, such as this incident, it appears out of the blue; so forceful she has to stop whatever she’s doing and just hold on tightly for the ride. The worst is when the voices make their presence when she’s around people, come to find out dozing off mid sentence with a constipated look on your face isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.


Kate resumed her dusting; the voice seemed to have subsided. This time it was a young voice, female, and in great despair. When Kate first started hearing these voices, she thought she was going crazy, maybe schizophrenic, well at least that’s what the doctors tell her. But contrary to their diagnosis, she doesn’t hallucinate anything else but voices, more specifically prayers. She tried to test the waters and see if she had the ability to close her eyes tight enough to see the faces behind these prayers. Maybe communicate with them telepathically. But nothing.


Just as she was pondering on this thought another voice came rushing in, this time a man, loud, very loud, PANIC!

“No No, save her God don’t let her get hit by the truck!”

Kate’s head was now pounding hard. She held on tightly to the side of the kitchen counter trying to retain her balance. “Stop the truck make sure no ones injured. Let her go in peace, quietly as she wishes,” she whispered this out loud, repeating the words like a mantra.
Kate would never know if her theory works. She just grants these people’s prayers like a genie in a bottle, or worse like she’s God. She chuckles, oh no she is crazy.


Alfordsville Indiana, St. Michaels Hospital 2:00pm

“Dian, I’m sorry to say your mother has passed away in her sleep.” As the doctors kept talking Dian couldn’t take in a word they were saying, all she could focus on was her mother’s face as there was a faint smile plastered on it. She did leave in peace. “Thank you.”

 Brampton Ontario, Four way traffic 2:00pm

“Oh my gosh love, I’m so happy you’re okay, that was a close call.” Dan embraced his wife in the tightest bear hug possible. Tears were dripping down both of their faces. The truck had swiveled off to the side of the road and came to a grinding halt. Thank God everyone was okay.


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