LaLa Land (spoiler alert)


I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this movie. It’s a giant metaphor filled with dozens of hidden easter eggs. I know a lot of people have been hating on this movie, saying it didn’t deserve 14 oscars.  But I think that’s because these people just don’t understand the movie.  LaLa Land is NOT a movie about love!  That seems to be the biggest misconception among the critics.  “Ugh it’s just a movie about love with all the dancing and signing junk.” No, this is a movie about chasing your dreams.  The story itself, is a giant paradox because it’s about reality, told through the genre of fantasy.

Sadly, I am not a huge fan of the old school musicals, therefore I was not able to pick up on the homages that were paid.  The casablanca references were the only ones I was able to understand.  But it definitely intrigued me into wanting to check them out.

La La Land is even better when you go back and watch it for the second time.  If you go and listen to the lyrics of the opening song you will now realize that it was foreshadowing all along.  Actually, it was more like bluntly telling us the whole story of the movie.  “I left him at a greyhound station, west of Sante Fe.”

The ending was done so beautifully, especially the Last epilogue when Sebastian and Mia lock eyes and share that last smile.  It was like watching a silent movie that pulled on my heart strings.  Then again, i’m a sucker for sad endings so maybe that’s why i enjoyed it so much.  Sebastian and Mia had to let each other go in order to pursue their dreams.  Theirs a small dream sequence that happens showing the scenarios of what would have happened if they did end up together.  It shows that Mia gets the same outcome regardless but Sebastian’s dream changes from opening his own Jazz club to life with Mia.  Showing that Mia’s dream all along was Sebastian full filling his.

If you have not yet seen this movie, you need to go see it.  With all the bright colours and beautiful cinematography, their is no way you will not enjoy this masterpiece.


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