Nice Guys


Every girl has a 5-7 bullet point list of the characteristics she looks for in a man. For some it’s humor, for others it’s height, for me, it’s as simple and straight to the point, he just has to be NICE.

Now everyone is “nice” when they first start dating. It’s an innate response to want to present yourself in a good light, hence the gentlemen act of opening doors and grabbing your coat. He will use a fork to pick at the nachos you ordered as appetizers rather then go in like a savage as he normally would do.

Most times when I tell a guy that I’m looking for a nice guy, someone with a compassionate heart, I almost always get the same response. He will tell me about all the charity work he’s done, he wants to help out his family, and be that shoulder for anyone to cry on.

But when I say im looking for a NICE guy, im looking for it in its natural form. For example, I look at how he interacts with our waiter at the restaurant, or with the cashier at the grocery store. How does he treat those that treat him poorly. How he speaks of other people in his life. It’s the type of NICE that you don’t really learn you have to be raised that way, by a strong nurturing mother. That’s the type of NICE I look for.


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