What it’s Like to Date a Reformed Bad Guy


I was out jogging with one of my girlfriends the other day.  It was the usual bickering over our love lives, and swearing oath to our single girl pact, the one we kept breaking every 3 weeks.  But it was here, over our one two synchronizing steps, where we came to the realization that we both had the same taste in men.  No we weren’t into the nerdy, corky type.  Nor were we into the pretty boy straight off the runway of an Armani fashion show.  Our type, like most girls, was the bad boy with the rough edges (Quite literally by the way. The scruffier the better, got a couple old scars on you? Perfect I’m in love). I’ve taken it upon myself to name this type the Reformed Baddie!

He has to have a past but not too much of a past, like 10 baby mamas and a murder charge, but just a little something to prove to me that he knows the ways of the street.  That if anything was to happen he’s tough enough to handle it, kind of like a personal bodyguard.  Hmm now as I’m typing this I’m starting to wonder if I may have a bodyguard fetish.  Anyone remember the Whitney Houston movie? So as I was saying, the key element to note with this type is the word Reformed.

He needs to have put his past behind him and now play the role of a successful career driven gentleman.  He is well articulated and carries himself with great composure. But what’s under that blazer when he takes it off? A white tank and a sleeve tattoo.  You would think as a grown woman, I’d be over this type by now. Well I thought that too, I’ve even tried dating a few nerds and the pretty boys after realizing the reformed baddies are trouble. But nothing! I guess a girl wants what a girl wants.  However, here are some reasons why you girls need to learn from my mistakes and stay away from the baddies.


    Do you think you’re the only girl out there who likes bad boys? No. This guy is in high demand, meaning you need to prepare for all that other women drama. Ugh, I hate those. Girls are going to fly at him in flocks and most likely he will respond. Because he does receive constant attention from the opposite sex be prepared to deal with an extremely conceited mother fu*!er!
    The Reformed baddie is made out of a very particular gene known as the Dominance gene. Due to his high power ranking as a former mob boss or gang leader, the baddie will show traits such as demanding and controlling. But because he is reformed, those traits have simmered down to where it’ll show through his words. He will always need to have the last say, and be in control of the relationship.
    So it just so happens I was dating a guy. He would tell me stories of his past mischievous ways and his friends would claim he had quite the reputation. Come to find out, he was not a reformed baddie. The most he carried in his back pockets was a couple of McDonald’s coupons. Do your research girls! There is nothing worse then thinking you’re dating your Kevin Costner when in actuality your dating Kim Kardashian’s security guard.

What’s your type? Let me know in the comments below ♥


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