Why Do People Feel It is Okay to Ghost Someone?



So you’ve been talking to that special someone for a little over 2 months now. You’ve gone on a few dates, listened to him snore as he fell asleep on the phone with you, and sent him those god awful pictures of your ingrown toe nail (No that’s just me? Okay). Well here you are thinking these 2months were amazing and that things are moving in the right direction, when you stop hearing from him. Just like that he stops replying to your texts, stops picking up your phone-calls, completely GHOSTED you!

Let me just say, I think the concept of GHOSTING aka disappearing on someone without a trace, is extremely childish and disrespectful. Even if it were someone you just met yesterday, would it not be common courtesy to let the person know where you stand?

“Hey I met someone else.”
“I don’t see this going anywhere.”
“I’m engaged to my long lost cousin twice removed.”

People are so scared of hurting the other’s feelings, when in reality you would be hurting them less if you were just honest from the start.
Obviously the depth of this conversation depends on the situation of your relationship. If it’s someone you just met off tinder and had a couple dates with, a mere 5minute text should suffice. But if it’s someone you’ve been dating for a couple months now and having daily conversations with, pick up that phone and give them that closure. It’s just the right thing to do people, come on!

Now you may ask, “Well VeeraTheBraveOne, when is it okay to ghost someone?”

As per every other dating rule there are exceptions, and in this case the only one that I can think of would be if the reason you two stop talking has to do with someone cheating, some form of disrespect, or anything else equally as dramatic. Then YES ghost away, because at that point the person does not deserve closure or any more of your time.


Have you ever ghosted someone or been on the receiving end of it? Leave a comment and let me know:) 




4 thoughts on “Why Do People Feel It is Okay to Ghost Someone?

  1. I have been ghosted and it pisses me off. It happened the other day actually. I met this guy, we had a couple of conversations and boom he was gone. I don’t know what I said to end it but I would never treat anyone this way. I will straight up tell you (respectfully) if I’m not interested and why. It’s called human decency.


  2. Totally understand this. It’s the concept of people being cowardly and not being able to step up to the plate and admit there aren’t any feelings or that there’s someone else. If he does it for you, he’ll do it to you!


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