Once every month when the full moon appears, magical moon creatures make their way down to Earth.


Jill and Dave stared at each other in horror as they stayed knelt down hidden in the dark, wet cooler room.  It was that time of month again, and I don’t mean that time of month when your ovaries explode. It was the night of the full moon, which meant the moon creatures would have successfully landed down on Earth by now.

“We need to come up with a plan Dave, we can’t just stay hidden back here, they will eventually find us.”

“And what exactly do you plan on doing Jill? You saw what they did to your dad’s rifle last month, they just tore it apart like it was nothing. They can’t be stopped.”

Jill peaked through the door crack and was able to spot one of the creatures. It was a black shadow like figure that glided its way towards the candy isle of her convenience store.

“Yo Tony you want the Gummy Bears, or that sticky thing we had last time.”

“Hell Nah, the last time I ate some of that Juicy Fruit thing, it stuck to my intestines and didn’t exit my system till 5months later bro!”

“Alright so gummy bears it is then. Can’t believe we have to make these long missions to Human Land to get a hold of this good stuff, if only we had sugary treats back home.”

“Ya man the humans are always shooting at us with those robot looking things, crying, screaming and always making a scene. I mean how hard is it to send up some treats every now and then so selfish geez.” The creature spot Jill flabbergasted with her jaw wide open. “Yo girly, come over here.”

“Umm no how do I know your not going to eat me?” Jill stammered not sure if she should walk towards them or not.

“ OMG what Is it with you humans thinking we’re some hungry savages, umm hello we follow a strict vegan lifestyle thank you.”

Jill and Dave slowly walked up to the two creatures, sweating buckets through their shirts. One of the creatures handed Jill a card.

“Here, from now on you two are responsible for sending up some treats every month. Call this helpline they will guide you through the steps.”

The two creatures cleaned out the whole store taking everything from Ringpops to Gatorade, and just disappeared into thin air.

Jill looked down at the card it read….

Moon Crater #91
For all your Sugar Rush needs
Call 1-800-548- RUSH


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