Harry Potter & the Cursed Child (Spoiler Alert)


Welcome all wizards, muggles and mudbloods please come take your seat. Umm actually Hagrid if you could take a seat in the back, you’re blocking everyone’s view. Ok perfect, now that everyone is here let us start off with some brief morning announcements.  First and for most, we would like to congratulate Ms. Hermione Granger on her new title as Minister of Magic. Succeeding in Mr. Kingsley Shacklebolt’s footstep we are sure Ms. Granger will carry on her duties and represent our community in the best possible light. Put your hands together for Ms. Granger everybody!  Secondly, as you all know, tomorrow evening we host our annual He Who Shall Not be Named’s death ceremony followed by a tribute to our fallen wizards from that great battle.  We would like to advise anyone planning to celebrate with a little too much butter beer, to leave your broomsticks at home.  Free shuttle services will be running at kingscross from 6pm until 8am.  That also goes for any flying cars, ahem Weasleys! Okay now on a much darker note, we have been notified of two missing children.  Mr. Albus Severus Potter and Mr. Scorpius Malfoy.  The two were last seen boarding the Hogwart’s train yesterday afternoon however, they did not make their exit. If you have any information on their whereabouts please come speak to me, Mr. Potter or Ms Granger.  Thank you, that will be all for this morning’s announcements.  We may now proceed to the topic on hand and the main reason we have all gathered here today.  To talk about the new Harry Potter publication I believe it is titled “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child written by Jack Thorne.”  Who would like to go first? Okay Ms. MCgonagall proceed.

Thank you sir.  I read the book and off the bat I noticed this was going to be a long drained out storyline.  The plot is quite simplistic; Harry Potter’s son, Albus Potter, and Draco Malfoy’s son, Scorpius Malfoy, go back in time to bring back Cedric Diggory, but why?  What is the point in bringing him back? Out of all the things they could have done with the next generation of wizards they choose that plot! Time traveling, is not a new concept in the HP series, we saw it used in Prisoner of Azkaban we saw it again in the Order of Pheonix, and I for one am tired of the repetition.  J.K Rowling herself has said that she is not a fan of the time-turner device and she regrets ever introducing it in her books.  Such a device makes it hard for readers and authors to continue with future plots and allow deaths, grief, and mistakes to just occur in their natural form.  Of course everyone would try to re-write the past if they could who wouldn’t want to do that?

“Hey guys, hellooo, sorry to cut you off but don’t you find it odd that Albus and Scorpius are missing wh…”

hp_20274_draco_flLuna where are your manners, it is rude to interrupt! Please continue Ms. MCgonagall.
I mean even looking past the boring plot line they chose for the book, I also was not a fan of the “guest appearances.”  I understand that you want to bring in characters from the original series to give it that nostalgic effect, but some of the characters did not hold any significance to the plot and just felt like they were thrown in there for the sake of being thrown in there.

“Guys call me an idiot but maybe the boys time traveled to bring Cedric bac…”

And let’s not even get into Mr. Harry Potter’s and his son Albus Potter’s estranged relationship. Albus struggles with the responsibility that comes from being the son of the great chosen one, which is understandable.  But Harry Potter, just like in every book prior, lacks social skills and the effort he does make to mend that relationship with his son is very poor and cringeworthy to read.  Sorry Harry this must be hard for you to hear coming from one of your favourite teachers, but boy you’re socially awkward as f*!k.  On that note, a relationship I did enjoy reading about is the friendship between Albus and Scorpius. Being that their fathers were once great rivals, it was nice that the author decided to show that friendship holds no barriers. And the true innocence that children carry in their hearts.  I also like the small details throughout the book, that had me grinning form ear to ear. One such as Albus being sorted into the Slytherin household since his full name is Albus Severus Potter, named after the late Severus Snape who was also a Slytherin.  The plot twists were also well thought out and carried out in such Harry Potter manner. Especially the twist that Scorpius may actually be He Who Shall Not be Named’s son, adding to the fear that he can never really be destroyed. The book in itself was not a bad read, had interesting characters, smooth flow, and great plot twists as mentioned earlier.  However, I do not think it deserves the Harry Potter stamp of approval. Yes, i understand it was not written by J.K Rowling and therefore it is not the true 8th book, it is still not something I think she should have co-signed on.  Harry Potter is over guys! Stop messing around with sequels and prequels hollywood, why can’t we just let great things be (Yes, I blame Hollywood because I am sure this was just released as a precursor for the movie).

That will be all.

Umm ok thank you for that ahhh interesting review Ms. MCgonagall.  Everyone please exit in single file through the back doors. No Cerberus, bad dog! Now look what you did biting off Ms. Chang’s arm. Ughh if everyone can stay clear of the guard dog and refrain from petting him please…



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