Heath Ledger vs Jared Leto


You may already have guessed what this post is about by just looking at the title. I have been bombarded with this question ever since suicide squad got released. Heath Ledger vs Jared Leto alias insanity vs irrational. So without further a due here is my take on Who I think played the better Joker!

I have said this a million and one times but I’ll say it again, there is no other character from the DC universe that has stolen my heart more so than the Joker himself. I’m talking about the OG Joker from 1940’s comics by the way. That is until Heath Ledger appeared in the Dark Knight series, ultimately changing the role for eternity. What is it about Heath Ledger’s Joker that stood out the most? Well for me, it was his subtlety in playing the role. Don’t get me wrong he was as crazy if not more crazy than all the other Jokers prior, yet he portrayed that psycho killer trait with such elusiveness making it that much more real. He wasn’t up in your face throwing around crazy slurs and over the top gestures. No, most of the time he was calm and collective which made the audience hold on to their seats knowing something bad was going to happen. Comparatively, I would say that was one thing I did not like about Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker. It was too blatantly crazy for me. I wanted to decipher the character on my own, I wanted to guess his next moves before they happened, but with this Joker everything was just too transparent. And if there is anything I know about the Joker, being a comic book nerd is that The Joker is anything but that. Also can I just say what irritated me the most about Suicide Squad was the romance plot between the Joker and Harley Quinn. What the F**k was that!!!! Ughh, I was screaming at the screen as I was watching this. The Joker does NOT love!! Everybody knows The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship is anything but a fairytale romance. Just because you throw in some whips and Duct tape does not depict their craziness as a couple, it just looked like a weird S&M fetish.   The joker is supposed to manipulate Harley’s mind and use her for his selfish gains, not actually be in love with her. Suicide Squad’s portrayal of their relationship was too sane for my taste.

Without nit picking further I will give credit where credit is due. I actually liked what they did with the new Joker’s appearance. The tattoos and grill giving him a more thuggish look which really distinguished him from the others, and gave him an iconic look to remember as the Jared Leto Joker. I feel that Leto played his role well, he did the best he could with the script he was given. Since this is not a review on Suicide Squad ill keep my thoughts on that horrid excuse of a movie to myself…. for now (insert evil laugh).  Although, Heath Ledger’s Joker still remains as number one in my books, Jared Leto’s Joker comes in for a close second.


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