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Reya knew she had exactly five minutes to complete her mission. She watched as the evil queen stepped into her fortress, sounds of running water proceeded. That was her cue! Reya dropped down and advanced to army crawl across the living room floor. As soon as she hit the ground she realized the Queen had forgotten to spread a blanket down. It was hard to make out if she had done it out of spite or due to her annoyingly forgetful nature, but never the less it was Reya now that had to suffer the consequences. The hardwood floor felt painfully cold as it touched her skin, yet that wasn’t going to stop her. Like the true warrior she was, she tried not to think about it and kept her focus on the target. She was crawling at super sonic speed but for some reason it felt like she wasn’t moving very far. The target was now spotted! It was placed on higher grounds however, the coffee table to be exact. She wasn’t prepared for this kind of obstacle, as time was surely not on her side. Two minutes left. Reaching forward, she was able to grasp onto what felt like a pillow, ahh yes, it was the ugly yellow thing with that hideous print of robins or some kind of bird like creature. She placed the pillow under her feet and slowly stood up onto it, now this was the hard part. She could never quite understand how the queen was able to stand and walk with such grace. It must be part of her evil charm or some treacherous magic spell she casted on herself. After a little wobble and swaying back and forth, Reya managed to obtain her balance. Even with the pillow giving her some added height, she was not able to see the surface of the coffee table clearly. She was just going to have to rely on her sense of touch. Starting from the left side she patted her way through, nothing…papers…remote… nothing, and then she felt it. Her mouth automatically oozed with saliva at just the thought of it, come to mama!
Oh no, something was not right…Abort mission! Abort mission! She was now elevating into the air, NOOOO!
“Reya how many times does mommy have to tell you, that is not a toy silly baby.”
It is now 15:52pm, mission has failed. The evil queen has won yet another battle. Will try again tomorrow, same time.


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