Death Note

deathnote anime

So recently, I have stumbled upon a new interest and needless to say it has taken over my life. What is this something you ask? English dubbed Japanese anime shows! Now as you all know, yours truly is already a fan of such genre, BUT it was primarily with mainstream anime like the usual DBZ, Sailormoon, and Avatar. However, the ones I am referring to here are authentic Japanese anime with every cheesy clichés you’d expect. Big breasted female leads, over-the top senpai characters, exaggerated plot twists and I just can’t seem to get enough. Death Note, One punch man, Black Butler, and Attack on Titan, are just a few that I would recommend to those who may be interested in dipping their toes but not yet ready to dive right into the pool. The ones I have mentioned are the most popular, catered to both genders, and for the older audience. Now the one that stood out to me the most, hooked me from the start and had me binge watching episode after episode, was Death Note. This show is epic!

deathnote anime3

Death Note is the story of a young man named Light Yagami; a brilliant student, somewhat of a prodigy. Long story short, one day Light stumbles upon a notebook that originally belonged to a Shinigami “The god of Death.” This book contains the power to kill someone just by writing his/her name down within the pages. The story now develops around how Light uses his newfound power to kill. Does he use it to fight justice? Does he use it in selfish ways? Does this incredible power take over his mind? I loved Light’s character because it reminded me of another familiar beloved character of mine, The Joker. Now that might be considered a spoiler but just know that this series is a psychotic thriller. Just like how the Joker has even the sanest of person feeling empathy towards his character at times. I feel Light does the same thing. At times you catch yourself supporting his motives and then wonder why that is.

Death note anime2

I can’t conduct a review on this show without mentioning the lead rival, whose name in the show is L. Yup just L, you’ll understand why that is once you watch the show. For someone to have to face off head to head with such a strong lead character like Light, it takes a lot and I think L does a very good job holding his own. He is definitely the fan favorite with his corky personality. Not to mention a Genius in his own right. I think the reason I really love this show is because of that, you are literally watching two Mastermind characters, with brilliant executions battle off with one another.


I also loved how the series starts off fast paced and remains that way throughout. No filler episodes are put in to drag on the series. From ep1 the plot is thrown in your face. It keeps you exhilarated and wanting more. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a new show to watch. Although I would throw in a disclaimer that the first five episodes, because it’s all about introducing the characters and explaining the plot, may come off as a little childish or for a younger audience. But I assure you it gets very twisted and psychotic after so just have some patience. Death Note is ranked number one on my favorite anime list, have a watch and tell me what you think.


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