Doctor Doctor 

Why does she keep staring at me? What’s her problem? Now she’s on the phone talking about me! Do I know her from somewhere?

“Mr. Breo, the doctor will see you now.”

Now she’s talking to me. How does she even know my name?

I tiptoe past her and into the doctor’s room. The doctor is a nice lady. When she comes really close to me i can smell her perfume. It smells nice. Sometimes we play games like say Ahhh. And that’s when i stick my tongue out as far as i can. I like to cross my eyes when i do that. It looks silly. She finds it silly too, and cracks a smile.

She takes out a needle, now i dont like the doctor very much. I hate when she fuckin does that. If things are good between us why can’t they just be good. Why do you have to take out a needle and fuck up our friendship. Dont try to touch my arm i’ll slap you right in the face bitch.

She stops, and turns away. Starts saying something to me but I can’t really make out what shes saying. She seems sad. And tired now. I don’t like when she gets sad. I like when she smiles. So I give her my arm. She takes it. Were friends again. She tells me im healthy, but she would love to see me brush my hair. That I will look even better if i did that. Hmm I never thought about that before. I think ive seen a brush in the- she says bye and walks out.

Ok bye. I leave the clinic start heading home. I think about what she said. I brush my hair. Ohh doctor would want to see this. I think she’ll like it. I go back to show her.


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