A constant debate among all Dragon Ball Z fans is the infamous question, who’s the more powerful Sayan Goku or Vegeta? I am going to tell you where I stand based off the anime only and not the manga series. In my opinion, Vegeta stands out to me as the more powerful, more badass, Sayan. Now before some of you Goku fans throw tomatoes my way, hear me out. For one, Vegeta has spent years training in the Sayan army as a child where as Goku has not due to the fact that he was sent on his early mission to destroy Earth. Having that Sayan army training taught Vegeta to better utilize and control his abilities. This is clearly evident in their first battle we see in episode 30 of the Sayan saga. V displayed himself as the more elite Sayan, using defensive techniques like dodging and tiring out his opponent. Where as Goku seemed as more of an amateur, although quick in speed, used up most of his energy within the beginning of the battle.

The popular combat between the Sayans and enemy Freeza is truly a memorable one. But even here we see Goku struggle to beat Freeza, at one point even admitting defeat and quoting that Freeza’s powers are just too great for them to take on. Goku is well known among fans for his flaw of constantly letting his guards down whether it’s to protect a love one, or for sake of strategy. Some may claim this as a smarter move then to not strategize and thrust into combat with overconfidence in case of Vegeta. And although his overconfidence has been his downfall many of times, Vegeta’s ability to fight in the spur of the moment with full anger and energy helps him channel into Sayan mode more easily than that of Goku. G rarely goes into full power Sayan mode until the end when he is getting defeated and needs to utilize this magic trick. Kind of like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, this is Gokus “Tada!” moment in every battle, but I wont say this makes him a better fighter merely a gift he was born with.

Although these two have patched their differences along the way and formed somewhat of an ally throughout the years, this debate as to who is the more superior one still remains among the two characters and fans alike. Which Sayan do you choose?



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