Blue Rose.

blue roses

I used to be a blue rose kind of girl. Whenever someone would ask me what my favorite flower was, I would immediately jump with joy expressing what I thought to be, a unique and posh taste in roses. I was well aware of the different colors of roses and its specific representations, as red symbolizing love, white symbolizing innocence, yellow for friendship, and pink for appreciation. Blue however, is obviously not natural, instead it’s a genetically modified species derived from its ancestors of the white rose. The color was known to symbolize royal blood, unattainable love, and mystery. I’m sure you can see why as a young teenage girl, I was obsessed with this concept.

Now I look back and think of how selfish I was, to all those people that went out of their way to purchase an over priced, $6.00 a piece, manufactured rose for me. Once upon a time, the symbol of royalty was something that intrigued me, but now all I see is class system, inbreeding, and suppression. If you think about it, the blue rose is a contradiction of itself. How can something that depicts royalty and generations of pure blood not be pure at all? We are talking about a white rose dyed blue; impurity at it’s finest. Blue signifies mystery and unattainable love, yet the rose itself is the most cliché statement of love. What’s so mysterious about that?

That is why I’ve said my goodbyes to the rose and moved onto something more subtle like the Sunflower, which illustrates pure thoughts. It is bigger than your average size of flowers, brighter, and it’s named after the sun, metaphor for central and life. I’m sure down the road this will change too and I’ll find myself another flower, but until then the sunflower it is.


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