A Woven Basket

basket giphy

By: Yaania Veera

Everyone has heard the biblical tale of Moses (1393 BCE) arriving down the Nile River in a woven basket away from the Pharaoh who had ordered all Hebrew male babies to be dead. He was then found and raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter to eventually become the leader of the Israelites.

This story is strikingly similar to the birth story of Lord Krishna from the Hindu religion (4th Century BC). Krishna was also taken in a woven basket along the Yamuna River by his father Vasudev and away from the King who wanted him dead. He would then go on to become the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and liberate his people.

Horus, also known as the Egyptian Sky God, was born to his mother Isis (2400 BC). Escaping from her evil brother who was out to kill her son, she fled across the Nile marshlands containing Horus in a basket by her side.

The Iranian prophet Zoroaster (1200-1500 BCE), born as the direct descendant in the royal line of the house of Manushcihar, was ordered to be killed by the demons and evil spirits. He too was then placed in a woven basket by his mother and covered with tar and hidden from their sight.

There seems to be a similar theme among all four of these stories as a baby born with the powers to save it’s people, wanted killed by the King or Ruler but saved by the woven basket


Jesus, born to a virgin on the 25th of December, performed miracles, crucified, dead for 3 days then resurrected. Known to be the similar story of Greek god Attis, Dionysus, Krishna, Mithra of Persia, and Muhammad.


Basic concepts of the Three Abrahamic Religions: Good vs. Evil and Day of Judgment.


I would just like to show here how many religions although some considerably older than others, have parallel tales, themes, and stem off one another. With such similarities, it is a great disappointment that religion is still taken as grounds to war in this modern era.





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