Suppression of the People.

By: Yaania Veera


Forget about the struggling youths because we’re too busy saving animals from their woes. And why not, a starving tiger makes more of a headline then a 14yr old snorting coke anyways. What’s funny is we save the tiger only to go on and trap him up in a zoo. When non profit organizations profit off the issues. Is there even such a thing as selflessness?

Living in a time when a mother can choose the color of her unborn child’s eyes. When we need Punnett squares to determine our genetic inheritance.

A 0.99 cent kraft dinner or a $5.99 organic apple? The poor can’t even afford to live organic. Funny they term it such. Organic meaning it was given to all by the creator? Oh, okay.

Everyone driving Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys. But can they all make one? Probably not because material over knowledge is life now. Why ask questions when it’s easier not to.

Cannabis, a natural herb having no known harm on the human body, relaxes the mind making people think and ask questions. Connects people from around the world bringing them together. Why would they want that? That’s too dangerous. Illegal! Years later not illegal they say. Yet still controlled, managed and distributed by them.

The smartest scholars think their smart but can they find a cure for starvation? Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers praised and treated like god. How about the mother who sacrifices dinner so her child can eat, what is she? We think we’re getting wiser but we’re just getting longer.

When all we know to be facts the average man cant even speak of. We read of history from a 10th grade textbook. Only to tell us our country achieved greater things than all other.

Only once in a lifetime, true warriors are born. Who are thought to be rebellious and extreme because they have a voice and fight against the suppression of their people.


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