The Murder of Monogamy…

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End of World War II amidst a falling economy, stress levels are high and consequently divorce rates start rising. Enters the idea of Marriage counselling. The idea that marriages can be saved, divorce prevented with a little help from professionals.


Women’s movement commences. Feminists criticize their role within the institution of marriage. Birth control pills are introduced, average age of marriage increases due to an expansion in women joining the workforce. Women start becoming breadwinners of the household.


Introduction of New Age Marriage as an institution where legal, social and religious climates allow for greater freedom, opportunity and choices in how individuals should conduct their personal lives. Surveys conducted by Harvard’s department of family studies showing 67% of males wanting lifetime commitments over 57% of females.


Man sits at home on the Internet, logs onto social media and types away. Gets excited over every poke, every new message, and every new friend request. A thought arises within himself that he must be a great catch. That he should leave his committed relationship because clearly he is worth better. Outlets to meet new people and mingle are reachable within lengths of his fingertips. Friday nights arrive and he feels that itch to go out with his friends to the nearest bar, club, or lounge. He meets girls there. Once again feels empowered by the attention. Exchanges numbers, comes home to his wife and kids.


Hello:) Word of caution: this is just a lighthearted piece I wrote and consequently it is not meant to be taken literally. I am not stating all men are adulterous or behave in this manner:)


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