He Who Has Little and Wants Less is Richer Than He Who Has Much and Wants More.


Why is it a disgrace to be poor?
I for one grew up on folktales and legendary stories of the poor old man who had nothing to his name yet through his wisdom and virtuous was more estimable then anyone with power or gold. Whatever happened to those stories?

I envy the Buddhist monks living in the depths of Shaolin Monastery. Or the lower cast Auto driver in India who runs home after a long days work to sit on his rooftop and drink his night away.

Rather I am stuck in a first world country they say. You have all the perks they say. The best resources, democratic governments, equality for all. And although I am thankful for all of that, I am also living in a country where it is a crime to be poor. American poor is the worst type of poor. They mock themselves and glorify their counter parts. Days, Months and years are spent chasing after unrealistic dreams. People behaving like robots trying to achieve what another has.

This systematic lifestyle is not for me. I too want to drink on my rooftop or sink deep into meditation. I want to be able to embrace my poverty because I know that wealth is all relative.
“If you’re so fuckin smart then why aren’t you rich?”

But I am rich in my own rights. If I could smile everyday, be proud of my actions knowing I have done no wrong to others and lend a hand to those in need, I know I am rich. A seal of approval is not needed because he who has little and wants less is richer than he who has much and wants more….



4 thoughts on “He Who Has Little and Wants Less is Richer Than He Who Has Much and Wants More.

  1. It has become strenuous living to the demands of America⚠️ Not entirely outrageous is the thought that it may be healthier to want financial growth than to settle for one’s current predicament?


    1. Of course growth is always a good thing! The message i was trying to portray is, the unhealthy approach on financial growth we slave after, particularly in first world countries. The constent comparison to others and the unrealistic goals we set for ourselves. Hope I cleared up your doubt.😊


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