Coffee In Plastic Is Against My Religion.


“Priya no pushing! Push your sister one more time and your going on time out!”
Dingggg! Oh no that must be the chicken she had in the oven. She wasn’t even a fan of chicken but it’s the only food these kids will remotely pick at. Not to mention that separate vegan meal she needs to make for her all of a sudden, holistic, husband. This better just be a short phase of his. Whatever mid-life crisis he was going through has got to stop. She was not going to continue cooking two separate meals for his over grown A**. If only she could escape back in time for just one day. 24 hours away from her children, her boring suburban lifestyle and back to a special moment in life. A moment that took her breath away. Where would she go?


Friday, July 19th 2009

Art Bagel Café. It was her favorite place to be on Friday mornings. Something about the smell of rich coffee beans mixed with the warm air felt so comforting. The casual, yet not casual business meetings. The social gatherings of retired seniors looking for something to do. Like always, she would grab a booth in the back corner away from the chaos. Order a nice Cinnamon Dolce, open up her books and start tuning everything out. Except for some reason she was having a hard time doing that today. You know that feeling you get that someone’s looking at you? She glanced up to see him staring right at her. He was a tall drink of water, medium built, fair complexion, and nice silky hair. She knew him from somewhere but where? He smiled at her, got up and started heading towards her booth. Why was her heart racing? Ok c’mon Ash think, what’s his name and where have you met him before?
“Hi, your Ash right? We met at Stacey’s birthday party a few months back?”
“Oh right Hi, umm…”
“Of course, sorry I’m bad with names.”

That’s right Sen. Now she remembered him. He was that cute guy at the party swarmed around by all the women. Latching their claws in whenever they got a chance. They had barely said two words to each other at the party. Ash was never the social butterfly so she had kept to her small circle of friends.

“You’re a quiet one aren’t you”
“huh” she snapped back to reality. She did that sometimes, trail off in her thoughts instead of being present in conversation.
“You’ re the quiet, shy type?”
She couldn’t help but blush. “I guess I just don’t like to exhaust my words.”
“I don’t know if Stacey told you, but I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the room that night. Your demeanor, your style, it was refreshing.”

Ok who is this guy? He was probably that typical playboy material. Goes around repeating the exact same line to various women. Did he really think that was going to work on her? Not happening.
“I’m sure I’m not the first girl you’ve said that to,” Ash murmured under her breath.

“Oh and why do you assume that? Because I’m somewhat good-looking? Because every good-looking guy that speaks with confidence and compliments a girl must be a playboy right?”

“Um nine out of ten times, yes!” Ash wasn’t proud that she felt that way. It was so judgmental, so out of her character. But sadly true in this day and age.

“What if I prove you wrong? What if you say yes to dinner, we go out, you fall madly in love with me, and we end up being married with three kids.”
She didn’t like his cockiness. He was too straightforward for her liking. Yet she was still finding herself intrigued with what he had to say.

After what seemed to be an hour of conversation. She looked at her watch realizing she had a work meeting to attend.
“umm, Sen it was nice bumping into you. I’m so sorry but I have a meeting I have to run to.” Ash started gathering her things.
“So how about that dinner? At least can I get your number?”
“How about if we leave it to fate. If we are meant to bump into each other sometime we will.”
She walked out the door. She thought about glancing back seeing his face, his reaction. But thought otherwise. She couldn’t finish their conversation off with a killer line like that and then run back and give him her number. She secretly hoped to meet him again. She felt little butterflies flutter away in her stomach. Was she growing a crush?…..


Hey everyone!  So Romance is not my favourite genre to write, however i thought I would give it a try just in time for valentines day. Hope you like it:)


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