I’m Not A Born Sinner I Just Choose To Be Untamed…


She grabbed a chunk of her hair took the scissors and CUT!  She watched as the strands fell to the floor, forming a portrait of it’s own on the ground. A sense of relief washed over Harmony. Ironic really, with a name like Harmony she was anything but that. Oh well it’s over now, all in the past, time for new beginnings.

She threw on a pair of her old blue jeans that she has had for years. Nothing fancy or anything just a regular pair from Bluenotes. It was her favourite pair, did wonders for her backside. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. When did her face start looking so pale? Time to change that around. She dabbed on a shade of Mac’s Faux and brushed on some Smashbox eyeshadow. There, much better!

Walking out of her house she took a moment to sit down on her steps and think. It used to be one of her favourite things to do as a child. People watch, give everyone a name and a story. She forgot how much had changed in such little time. The little joys in life now needing to be scheduled in. Maybe thats not how it needs to be.  A small smirk appeared on the corner of Harmony’s mouth. She glanced at the middle aged man walking down his driveway with a stroller. “Jimmy. He has to be a Jimmy…..”

Welcome to my new blog:) My name is Yaania Veera, just a regular girl hoping to share posts on fashion, art, philosophy and literature….but with a twist. Each post being a fictional story that will somehow tie back to the picture. Hope you like it and come back for more:) Make sure to leave your thoughts and feedback.


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